Uses for Licorice Mint (aka Anise Hyssop)

Uses for Licorice Mint (aka Anise Hyssop)

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Included in our weekly CSA offerings we have been giving away beautiful flower bouquets as a special thank you for the support of the farm. We are so honored and excited to share our harvest with our growing community.In these wonderful flower arrangements we have included a beautiful flowering herb called ‘anise hyssop’ which is a delightful licorice mint. In order to prevent out CSA Members from throwing the herb out with the rest of the flowers we are spreading the word about the uses of this magical and medicinal plant…DONT THROW IT AWAY…..ENJOY IT!!!
Uses for the licorice mint in your flower bouquets:

That beautiful licorice mint is also called “anise hyssop” and can be used in several unique ways:

  • Flowers – the flower of this plant is edible and can be a wonderful addition to fruit salads, teas and deserts. Marcus has even tossed them into white rice….
  • Leaves – the leaves of anise hyssop can be used to create a delicious tea…. alone or with other herbs! You can also add them to salads or fruit beverages, or chop them up and put them into pork dishes!
  • Seeds – the seeds can be used in baking cakes, muffins, bread, and biscuits.

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