Local organic produce inspires unforgettable flavor to your menu options. If you are looking for fresh vegetables, McCauley Family Farms has this seasons pickings to spice up your restaurant. If you are interested in adding this fabulous locally sourced nutrition to your cooking please inquire at


Steps for placing small produce orders:

Step 1) Harvest List: Our Farm Manager will send you the weekly harvest list.

Step 2) Placing Orders:  Please place your orders by Monday by noon

Step 3) Harvesting: Your harvest will begin at dawn on Tuesdays.

Step 4) Pick-up: Your produce is available for pick up Tuesday evening, or Wednesday morning. Please communicate with Marcus about your preference.

Step 5) Payment:  Invoices will be ready for you when you pick up your food order.  You can leave a check then (preferred), or we can email it to you and you can pay during your normal billing/payments routine.