Pastured Chicken


Our pastured chickens are grown on the Front Range in Boulder County. 30% of their feed comes from being outside on our Certified Organic pasture. We move them every week to fresh green grass so they get to be a chicken, stratch for bugs, worms, weed seeds, grass, etc. We supplement the rest of their diet with Colorado grown Certified Non-GMO feed.

2017 Farmer’s Market locations:

  • Boulder (Saturdays) 8am-2pm
  • Longmont (Saturdays) 8am-1pm
  • Union Station (Saturdays) 9am-2pm

Retail prices as of 6/28/17 (All of our chicken comes frozen and pre-packaged)

Whole Chickens $7.99/lb

Bone-in-Breasts $12/lb

Whole Legs $11/lb

Wings $6/lb

Hearts $8/lb

Livers $8/lb

Necks $6/lb

Backs $5/lb

*When farmers markets are not in season, we hold chicken sales every other month in the Winter. To receive the newsletter to place a chicken order, please email and say you would like to be added to the chicken mailing list.

If you have any other questions, we always welcome questions/comments sent to