Our Philosophy



McCauley Family Farm is an ecological sanctuary and a community of individuals who share a passion for farming. A unique mix of gardeners, teachers, and friends, McCauley Family Farm is a group of people who synchronistically landed here with the same vision of transforming our food systems. The growing interest in local food trends reflect the need and desire for a more conscious connection with food. In light of the industrial food system and GMO engineering, we are aware of the necessity for change, and we are striving to meet a freshly inspired model.

As an incubation farm we are planting seeds to inspire the health and regeneration for tomorrow’s food systems. We are building long lasting models on the farm to serve as a platform for future farms. We are committed to healthy and conscious food, and practice permaculture techniques and bio-dynamic farming.  We save our seeds, we wild-ferment our food, and we build community.

We aim to nourish our community while replenishing the soil. Working as a demonstration farm we offer unique programs, classes, volunteer opportunities, events, and hope that you will discover the same joy and passion for farming and food that we hold when you come out to visit. As a volunteer or student you will taste the fruits of your efforts while you grow with McCauley Family Farm.


McCauley Family Farm is a special venue for community.

 We also host unique events and educational workshops:


•   Classes with talented farmers and gardeners with years of experience.
•   Daily volunteer opportunities to connect with the land and learn about the workings of a farm.
•   Family farm events for all ages to play and grow.
•   Farm dinners for a classy and captivating food experience.