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Volunteering with McCauley Family Farm is a wonderful way to connect with your bioregional community. From planting seeds to drying herbs, our Volunteer Program offers you an opportunity to give back to the beauty of the Front Range.

From March to December we host regular workdays and would love for you to come out and give us a hand! Get to know the land, cycles, plants, creatures & people who help make a local food economy possible. Engage in hands-on farm work, ecological education, Farm to Table culinary appreciation, monthly celebrations and more!

To apply as a volunteer, send an email to mccauleyvolunteers@gmail.com, stating your interest. Stay connected with farm happenings by following us on Facebook (“like” us) and sign up for our monthly e-newsletter at the bottom of this page!


Farm Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in cultivating community, organic food and wellbeing, and can commit to at least 1 regular shift every week, this is for you!

We require our volunteers to commit to at least 1 regular shift/week, for a minimum of 4 weeks. This helps us keep a daily rhythm. Full season commitments, 3 regular shifts/week, and anything in between are always welcome!

Volunteer shifts average about 4-5 hours each, including a break. Start & end times will vary by the season. AM & PM options are available. (Check with your Volunteer Coordinator for the current schedule.)  Orientation for new volunteers is required, and must be scheduled on a weekday morning during the first week of the month.

Our volunteers always work as a crew with a facilitator. Work opportunities may include: seeding, transplanting, harvesting, irrigation, trellising, fence building, wild harvesting, product drying, seed work (harvesting, winnowing & packaging), field cleanup, food preparation/preservation and event support. Animal care only with Farm Manager’s approval & training.


Farm Intern Opportunities

If you are an aspiring organic farmer and can commit to two morning and two evening shifts every week for the duration of either Spring or Fall session (or both), this is for you!

From March to July 10, and then again from July 10 to December, we host two internship sessions – “Spring” & “Fall”, respectively – for those volunteers whose horizons are set on organic farming.

A commitment of four shifts per week – 2 morning shifts & 2 evening shifts – allows our interns to apply & master basic skill sets on the farm, to receive mentoring from our staff & farmers, and to cultivate a deeper experience of the land. To round out the experience, we offer interns a chance to interface with the public (as up-and-coming farmers) while supporting on-farm events. This is a non-residential internship. See details below.

Start & end dates:

  • SPRING ‘16 SESSION:          March – July 10          Apply by March 31st
  • FALL ’16 SESSION:                July 10 – Dec               Apply by May 15th

On-farm projects with close guidance from farm mentors, as available: farm design, soil building, specialty crop production, irrigation, biodynamic application, seed saving, medicinal herbs, animal care, holistic pasture management, food processing & fermentation, animal processing, marketing, events.

To apply, please contact mccauleyvolunteers@gmail.com, and specify your interest as an intern. All applicants are required to schedule & attend a Volunteer Orientation (first week of every month), prior to completing the 2 week trial period/working interview with our staff.


Community Benefits


Wellbeing: Belonging to a spirited community centered around sustainable agriculture is about the best modern-day medicine we can think of!

Food Share: Take home fresh farm produce, as allotted and available. *Interns will receive a more substantial food share.

Discounted Workshops & Products: Keep an eye on our newsletter for the latest educational events & culinary creations!

Volunteer Van: Save gas and go green! Enjoy our shuttle service on select days of the week. Meet at the pick-up spot in North Boulder, located at 28th & Iris, in the Safeway Parking lot, 15 minutes before your shift. Bring your bike and load it on the van’s bike rack if you prefer to ride the 9.4 miles back into Boulder! Otherwise, relax in the shuttle for drop-off at the same location.

Monthly “Cornucopia”: A big ol’ bash, one Friday per month. Create a dish with our farm produce for a potluck style meal, followed by a “where are we?” farm check-in, educational presentations, and an assortment of stories, live music, movie screenings & more!

Volunteer FAQ



Before coming out to the farm:

1.      Remember to bring water, refillable water bottle, work gloves, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, layers, sturdy shoes and a light snack! The nature of farming in the Front Range can bring unexpected daily rain storms so be prepared by bringing appropriate rain gear and jackets.

2. Please DO NOT use Google Maps to get here. They have our address confused. Call our office if directions are needed!


When you arrive at the farm:

1. Be sure to communicate with the team if it is your first visit.

2. Upon your first visit, please complete the Liability Waiver form.

3. Refer to the Volunteer Application for parking directions.

Farm Guidelines:

  • The use of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted on the premises.
  • Smoking or tobacco use must always be followed by thorough hand washing in accordance with personal instructions due to the devastating and ubiquitous Tobacco Mosaic Virus that can affect all plants in the night shade family (including tomatoes, eggplants, etc.)
  • Always ask permission before starting up and using any motorized machinery or equipment.
  • You must have the owner’s consent before bringing plants or seeds of any kind onto the farm.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times.
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • When children are present, please be watchful of behavior and language.





Sara Saxonberg
“Volunteering at McCauley Family Farm has been a wonderful and educational experience! It is so refreshing to work with such passionate and knowledgeable people in such a beautiful environment!!!”
Pieter Van Winkle
“I love working at the farm! Everyone is so sweet and wacky.”
“I grew up helping my Dad in a New Orleans area neighborhood vegetable garden. After I left home for college and then made my way to Boulder, I never really had the same time or space to keep that up. I missed that intimate connection with the earth and with the food that I eat. Volunteering at farms and being a CSA member gives me back that connection.”
– Niki LeBoeuf-Little

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