Directions to McCauley Family Farm 

From Boulder:
Take 28th St to Iris Ave, turn EAST on Iris.
Going east, Iris turns into Diagonal Highway/CO 119.
Continue on Diagonal Highway/CO 119  until the LIGHT at 63rd St.
Turn LEFT/NORTH onto 63rd St.
Go straight for about 2 miles, come to a STOP sign intersection at Niwot Road.
Continue STRAIGHT on 63rd St for about 3 more miles.
Pass Red Wagon Organic Farm.
Pass an old stone church on your right.
Immediately after the church, go down a small hill, and at the bottom on your LEFT, a sign says “Organic Farm Do Not Spray”
That is our property…
Go up the hill to the light brown colored house, and turn LEFT into the driveway marked 9421 with a yellow arrow.
(The light brown house is NOT our house…. our driveway is immediately AFTER the house’s driveway.)
Once you are on our driveway, continue at a SLOW PACE!
You will see a sign for McCauley Family Farm, continue STRAIGHT.
Please drive at 10 mph in this residential zone.
Continue, and pass a small brown cottage and another large estate house.
Pass the OFFICE…
Finally, turn LEFT after the office and park along that road, to the LEFT side.
Check in at the Office.
Welcome to McCauley Family Farm!!