Ecological Farming Workshop

Keyline Design for Optimal Water Use and Thriving Soils
August 16th & 17th


Join us at McCauley Family Farm for a two-day HANDS ON experience and exploration of whole farm planning using ecological principles and proven inovative techniques.  Together we will learn highly effective ways to plan for and achieve the full power of a Dynamic Design approach for your land, your animals, your profits, your water and soils.  Practical principles from Keyline Design, Holistic Management and Resilience Science will be applied.  The workshop will include classroom as well as outdoor exercises and practicums–including a demonstration of the Yeomans’ Keyline sub-soiler–for a full learning immersion! 

 Keyline design is a technique for maximizing beneficial use of water resources of a piece of land. The Keyline refers to a specific topographic feature linked to water flow. Beyond that however, Keyline can be seen as a collection of design principles, techniques and systems for development of rural and urban landscapes. Keyline design was developed in Australia by farmer and engineer P. A. Yeomans, and described and explained in his books The Keyline Plan, The Challenge of Landscape, Water For Every Farm and The City Forest. – Wikipedia Entry for “Keyline Design”

At McCauley Family Farm we are actively implementing an ecological farming approach.  Join us for this experience as we begin to implement our integrated whole-farm plan.  We will walk through all steps of the design process with this live example.  The ‘learn-by-doing’ model is a key benefit of this unique workshop opportunity.  Altogether this experience will add a great diversity of new practical skills and options to your design and management ‘toolbox.’


This class is appropriate for anyone who has any of the following:

• Taken a Permaculture Design Course (PDC)
• Is interested in ecological food production

• Farmed grain or pastureland
• Is interested in optimal water usage
• Has raised grazing animals
• Has some land that they want to ‘do something with’

• Wants to get more out of their land while following ecological principles

PLAN TO LEARN and DISCOVER in this workshop HOW TO:

•  Generate an inspired vision for your landscape
•  Use the Keyline Scale of Permanence to bring your vision to life
•  Learn to create and implement a whole farm plan using the insights of Keyline Design
•  Discover the secrets for rapid creation of healthy, and biologically active topsoil
•  Understand Keyline Geometry in the Field
•  Plan for whole landscape water harvesting for your property
•  Connect and integrate farm infrastructure, layout, and functions for improved efficiencies and synergy
 Hands On–Learn to make inexpensive GIS contour surveys
• Explore synergies possible with perennial polyculture agro-forestry
• Reduce costs and dependency on outside inputs, increase profits, and enhance livelihoods while improving your quality of life
• Why managing wholes is the future of agriculture
• How to integrate grazing and animal impact to a whole farm plan
 Increase the yields and resilience of rangelands, pastures, and your whole operation
•  Position your farm, ranch and operations for success in changing times 

plow_guyCourse Instructor: Owen Hablutzel
Owen Hablutzel
is a Keyline Design® instructor, Holistic Management® Certified Educator, and full-time consultant who works across the globe.   Owen has been successfully working to transform soils and fertility, and to increase whole landscape hydration through regenerative techniques since 2007.  By working together with farms, ranches, and land managing organizations his integrated and Dynamic Design approach is helping to create more fertile landscapes, robust farm economies, and resilient watersheds across the western US and in many more of the world’s dry places.

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